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Wilson Triad XP 5

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This Wilson Triad XP5 Tennis Racquet unites ideal power and comfort for beginner and intermediate level players looking for easy access and a racquet that will allow you to quickly improve. 

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 From the back of the court, this heavier red and grey version of the Triad line is maneuverable and will allow you to have fast racquet head speed without effort in order to dictate the rhythm of your match.  The balance is in the head of the racquet and this is connected with the racquet head size. This model offers less power than the XP1 and XP3, but more control. This racquet is a little bit longer in order to enhance power on your serves and your two handed backhand thanks to the amplified lever effect. Comfort is enhanced by the Triad technology and this consistently reduces vibrations. This technology is found in the shaft, adding Iso-Zorb polymer between the frame and the throat of the racquet and in the head of the racquet. The 16 x 18 string pattern will allow you to easily hit topspin in order to dictate the game and be a step ahead of your opponents.

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